CIOFF International festival “Days of Mowing – Kupres BiH 2010”


CIOFF International festival “Days of Mowing – Kupres BiH 2010”
Kupres, Bosnia and Herzegovina,  30 June – 4 July 2010

 Although in a shadow of some other, more famous cultural events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, “” DAYS OF MOWING””, as an official international festival, is living through its fifth edition. Festival is a part of project which deals with protection of intangible cultural heritage of people in the world, according to convention of UNESCO, and it is organized by the help of certificate and a logo of world”s organization CIOFF, which works in formal , consultant cooperation with UNESCO.Festival has been listed into CIOFF world calendar of festivals, because it has achieved  and accepted standards of  CIOFF festival of original folklore. It has also been listed into annual calendar of significant cultural events in Bosnia and Herzegovina . The importance of the festival is in the fact that it is not only an integral part but also a continuation of long and important history and tradition on Kupres plateau, on which traditional manifestation of mowing competition, traditional sports, handicrafts and international horse races have been held for more than a century. The festival in this form got Charter for contribution in preservation and revival of cultural-historical heritage, which is awarded by Ministry of culture of Bosnia and Hercegovina. Mission of the festival is promoting culture of peace , trust and good cooperation among people of the world, exchanging information about international folklore festivals and folklore groups, preserving and presenting traditional folklore art  with the aim of raising quality of the festival. Expectations are, like in previous years, that a few thousand people will come and see the festival. The aim of the festival is to permanently contribute to development of tourism in the region, what is also the idea of this project, which is the factor that tries to emphasize belief about importance of culture and cultural heritage for general social and economic development.            Ante Čičak


KUD “” SLOGA”” Sikirevci – Republic of Croatia  The group was founded in 1975 under the name KUD “” Sloga”” Sikirevci. They participated in large international folklore reviews like MSF Zagreb, Đakovački vezovi, Brodsko kolo, Kolo na Gaju, Vinkovačke jeseni etc. In Sikirevci- Slavonski Brod, ensemble organizes a review named “” Sikirevačka poredovnica”” which is held every year in the middle of January with the theme “” Life as it used to be”” and it presents various plays and funny scenes from peasant life in the past.

President: Siniša Kovačević, Secretary: Katica Jarić

“” MUHARAY FOLK ENSEMBLE “” Bag- Hungary  Muharay Elemer folk ensemble was founded in 1950 with the aim to preserve and maintain folk customs in Hungary. There are 150 dancers in the ensemble, including children, grown ups and older persons, The young over 15 will participate in the Festival. In their performances, they present dances from various parts of “” Historical Hungary””. Their main goal is to perform ancient Hungarian dances as authentic and detailed as possible.

President: Peter Tibor

“” ISTANBUL YEDITEPE FOLKDANCE AND YOUTH SPORTS CLUB””, Istanbul- Turkey  Folk ensemble “” Istanbul Yeditepe Halk Oyunlari”” preserves and performes folk dances and customs from six Turkish regions. They use original folk customs from the whole Turkey. At Festival in Kupres, 40 dancers and musicians that play traditional Turkish instrument will participate and they will also organize etnographic exhibition.

President: M. Nedim Altuncu

HKD “” NAPREDAK””, Kupres – Bosnia and Herzegovina  The association was founded in 1907, so it has a tradition longer than 100 years. Even before World War II, the association accomplished remarkable success up until 1949, when it was forbidden and its whole property was confiscated by the state. HKD “” Napredak”” was restored in 1993 in exile in Baško Polje, Croatia. Today, association has more than 150 members, from 7 to 80 years old.

President: don.Marko Tomić

KUD “” DRVAR””, Drvar- Bosnia and Hercegovina  The association has been working for 86 years. It preserves and presents culture and customs of Serbian people in western- borderer municipalities and of all other nations that live in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Original folk songs – Here I come to Sing Here– Dances- Una kolo – kolo without musical background, belong to Dinaric type zone.

President: Mira Lukač

KUD “” SLOGA””, Bikodže-Lukavac – Bosnia and Herzegovina  KUD “” Sloga”” , Bikodže, Lukavac municipality, preserves and presents folk cultural heritage from Tuzla area. They gave their performances around Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo, Mostar, Brčko, Doboj and in Kupres where they performed on the opening of Winter tourist season in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007/08. At the Festival , they will perform original Bosnian songs and traditional folk dances from the 19th century, from Tuzla area.

Musical instruments: violin, drum, “” šargija”” ( traditional Bosnian instrument) and wind instrument.

President: Ajka Mujić

KUD “” ALADINIĆI””, Dubrave- Stolac – Bosnia and Herzegovina  The association started with its work in 1997, on the encouragment of local parish  priest and a few parishoners of Aladinići parish. Today it has 100 members that are divided into groups: singing group, folklore group and “”tambura”” group. Well-known is “” Dubravski bećarac”” which has been sung in the area of Dubrava plateau. It is rich in melodiousness and strength, and it presented all the beauty of Dubrava area wherever it was sung.

President: don. Vinko Raguž

HKUD “” SITAN TANAC””, Šujica- Bosnia and Herzegovina  The association was founded in 1925. In that year, a teacher Stjepan Radma founded “” Croatian Reading –room”” which basic function was to educate population in Šujica. From 1949 the association used name “” Cultural educational association BOR”” and it worked under that name till Homeland war. The association was restored in 2005 under the name Croatian cultural artistic association “” Sitan tanac””. Every year, in the beginning of August, association organizes folklore review in Šujica.

President: Zlatko Mršo, Vice president: Ante Brajko, Secretary: Tihomir Mioč

HKUD “” SELJAČKA SLOGA””, Vidovice- Orašje – Bosnia and Herzegovina  The association was founded in 1946. Through its numerous performances at reviews and festivals round Europe and former state, KUD revealed the glory of Vidovice, village in Posavina which is situated on three-border point area .Today, they perform mostly in Posavina county and Croatia. Their favourite performances were at International folklore review in Zagreb, where they participated a couple of times. Wherever they performed, they were noticed and met with long applause.

President: Radoslav Janjić

HKUD “” HRVATSKA SLOGA””, Prozor-Rama, Bosnia and Herzegovina  The association is a successor of HKDD KUD “” RAMA”” and in 2008 it was registered as KUD “” HRVATSKA SLOGA””. There are more than 150 members of association which are divided into various groups. The most active groups are: folklore group, which leader is Ivo Petrović, singing group which comprises choir and  “”klapa””singing, leader is Sonja Jozić. Prof.

Dances: trusa, taraban, trojanac, kolanja. Songs; Christmas carol, male and female ganga, “”poravno-female””, “”brojka-female””. Musical instruments: twin-reed shepherd”s flute, ” gusle” ( one-stringed folk fiddle), wind instrument ( dvojnice), harmonica

President: Mirjana Uložnik, prof

HKUD “” KAMEŠNICA””, Podhum-Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina   Tradition of folklore creative work of Croatian people in the Buško Blato area , border area between Livno, Tomislavgrad and Sinj municipality, reaches up to 1928, when Branch of “Hrvatska seljačka sloga”which worked till the beginning of World War II. KUD “” Kamešnica”” Podhum, as a  successor of cultural tradition of this area, was founded Online casino in 1972 and it worked till the end of 1980 of the previous century. It participated in many events in former state. The association was restored in December, 2005.

President: Miroslav Ćurić

HKUD”” SARAJLIJE””, Tomislavgrad- Bosnia and Herzegovina  Croatian cultural- artistic association “” Sarajlije”” Tomislavgrad, was founded on 11 February 2007.From earlier folklore history in Sarajlije, it is worth to mention performance of Sarajlije ensemble in 1926 in Tomislavgrad, during the visit of Stjepan Radić, president of HSS ( Croatian Peasant Party ). The most significant performance in recent period was in January 2010, at VIII. International folklore review in Vienna, where they represented Bosnia and Herzegovina. Original songs: ganga, bećarac. Songs: “duvanjčica”, and ” sitan tanac”. Dances: ” duvanjčiva”,”trusa”, ” taraban”, “trojanac”,” kolo zaleđina”.

President : Jozo Mašić

HKUD”” PODINARJE””, Lištani village,Livno- Bosnia and Herzegovina HKUD “” Podinarje”” Lištani, gave its first performance on 25 July 2007. Since then, association gave more than 30 noticeable performances. On the first anniversary of foundation, Association organized Folklore review, where 14 KUDs performed. In the beginning of 2009,they recorded a song Dika sa Dinare. The aim of HKUD “” Podinarje”” is preservation of tradition and customs of Dinaric region.

Predsjednik: Mato Rimac, Secretary: Luca Lukač


Ante Čičak,  Anka RaJič, Pero Vila, Darko Mihaljević,  Dragan Jurić, Marina Mršo, Stipe Čičak


Sabahudin Salkić


Public Institution for Culture “” Hrvatski dom “” , Kupres

Tel/fax:  00387 34 274 048



Otvaranje Festivala, Ustanova za kulturu “Hrvatski dom” Kupres, 02.  srpanj, 16:00 sati

Opening the Festival, Cultural Institution, “Croatian Home”  Kupres, 02 July, 16:00 AM

KONCERT – Gradski trg, 02. srpanj, 17:00 – 19:00 sati / CONCERT – Town Square, 02 July, 17:00 – 19:00 AM

KONCERT – Ustanova za kulturu HD Kupres, Velika dvorana, 02. srpanj, 20:00 sati

CONCERT – Institution for Culture HD Kupres, Great Concert Hall, 02 July, 20:00 AM

KONCERT – Prozor-Rama, 03. srpanj, 19:00 sati / CONCERT – Prozor-Rama, 03 July, 19:00 AM

KONCERT – Kupreško polje,  “Strljanica”,  4.  srpanj, 12:00 sati

CONCERT – Kupres field, “Strljanica”, 4.  July, 12:00 AM

Nadaleko poznata kupreška „Strljanica“ – Dan kosidbe na Kupresu, s tradicijom preko 100 godina, održat će se 04. 7., nedjelja, na Kupreškom polju. I ove godine organizatori očekuju više desetina tisuća posjetitelja, koji će moći uživati u Viteškom natjecanju kosaca, Međunarodnim galopskim konjičkim utrkama, potezanju konopa, skoku u dalj s mista, kamena s ramena i pješačkim utrkama, izložbi starih zanata i rukotvorina, naravno tu je i nezaobilazna kupreška janjetina s ražnja, kao i drugi ugostiteljski specijaliteti. Novi sadržaj ove godine je još jedna atrakcija, naime mladi entuzijasti paragliding kluba iz Kupresa organizirat će 03. 7. i 04. 7., na prostoru „Strljanice“,  Međunarodno paragliding natjecanje u preciznom slijetanju.

Već petu godinu za redom, u okviru kupreških Dana kosidbe, održava se i CIOFF MEĐUNARODNI FESTIVAL  IZVORNOGA FOLKLORA „DANI KOSIDBE – KUPRES BiH 2010“.  U periodu od 30. 06. do 04. 7., koliko traje Festival, bit će održano pet koncerata u Kupresu, Bugojnu i Prozoru-Rama, a nastupit će  13  ansambala iz, Mađarske, Turske, Hrvatske i BiH s preko 500 izvođača.  Festival će organizirati i  okrugle stolove nakon svakoga koncerta, Etnografsku izložbu  gostujućih društava, Etnografski muzej kupreškoga kraja, Izložbu slika „Kupreški krajolici“ splitskog slikara Ante Katunarića, posjet povijesnom lokalitetu Otinovci-Kupres te jednodnevni posjet hercegovačkim kulturnoturističkim destinacijama, Mostar, Počitelj i Međugorje.



Pomalo u sjeni nekih drugih, razvikanijih, kulturnih manifestacija u BiH, DANI KOSIDBE, kao službeni CIOFF međunarodni festival, doživljavaju svoje peto izdanje. Festival je dio projekta zaštite nematerijalne kulturne baštine naroda Svijeta,  sukladno Konvenciji UNESCO-a, koji se organizira uz certifikat i sa znakom svjetske asocijacije CIOFF,  koja  djeluje u formalnoj konzultativnoj suradnji s UNESCO-m. Festival je uvršten u CIOFF svjetski kalendar  festivala, jer je dostigao i poštuje standarde CIOFF festivala izvornoga folklora, uvršten je također i u kalendar godišnjih kulturnih događaja od značaja za Bosnu i Hercegovinu.

Značaj festivala leži i u činjenici da je on sastavni dio i nasatvak jedne daleko veće tradicije na Kupreškoj visoravni, na kojoj se, više od jednog stoljeća,  održava manifestacija  natjecanja kosaca, starih športova, zanata i međunarodnih galopskih konjičkih utrka. Kao takav Festival je dobitnik POVELJE  ZA DOPRINOS OČUVANJU I OBNOVI KULTURNO-HISTORIJSKOG NASLIJEĐA, koju dodjeljuje Ministarstvo kulture FBiH.  Misija Festivala je širenje kulture mira, povjerenja i dobre suradnje među narodima Svijeta. Razmjena podataka o međunarodnim folklornim festivalima i folklornim grupama, očuvanje, i prikazivanje narodne tradicijske umjetnosti, s ciljem podizanja kvalitete festivala. Očekivanja su da će, kao i ranijih godina, Festival vidjeti više desetina tisuća ljudi.  Cilj Festivala je trajno pridonositi razvoju kulturnoga turizma u regiji, što je i vizija pokretača ovoga projekta, kojom se želi naglasiti uvjerenje o važnosti kulture i kulturne baštine za opći društveni, socijalni i gospodarski razvoj.

Ante Čičak, direktor Festivala





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