CONDICIONS OF THE FESTIVAL – CIOFF INTERNATIONAL  AUTHENTIC FOLKLORE FESTIVAL “DAYS OF MOWING KUPRES 2014.” organized by the Public Institution for Culture “Croatian Cultural Centre” Kupres, will be held from 02. July to the 07. July 2014., in Kupres and yet in three cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Festival is included in the CIOFF global Calendar of Festivals and is holder of the CIOFF Certificate because it respect rulles  and reached and adhered to standards of CIOFF authentic folklore festivals, which aims are to preserve intangible cultural heritage and spreading a culture of peace, thrust and non violence among the peoples of the World, through the introduction of other and different.In addition to the folklore ansembles of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the festival involved five groups from abroad. In the framework of the Festival is 200 years old event- competition of harvestmen and other traditional sports and crafts, which will be organized in the last day of the festival in Sunday, 06. July, 2014.
Details of the Festival:
– We organize 4 concerts – in Kupres and yet in three towns in Region. Stages and techniques should to meet the requirements of the ensembles.
– Performance of the ensembles in concert lasts 15 to 20 minutes
– The ensembles are required to show original or elaborate dance, music, customs, traditional costumes of their region, and of a good technical level artistic,(age 18-19 and over years), and live music. -Ensembles need to bring 2 national flags (100 x 150 cm) and place them at the disposal of the organizers during the festival. The flags will be returned at the end of the festival, should have its own flag the group, that will be present on the stage during the performance of the program. -The main festival day will be held in Kupres, 04. July, 2014., (Friday).Concert:  at   20:00 pm Concert Hall.
– Festival pays a five-day, (4 nights) Meals: 3 meals a day – Two days excursions – visiting tourist, cultural and historical destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Region is touring buses of visiting ensembles. -The official meeting of heads of delegations and groups with local government representatives. – Meetings: The Festival organizing committee, the Committee of the Festival and artistic directors of participing folklore ensembles every morning, at 8:00 a.m.
– Socializing and exchanging experiences with fun for all participants of the Festival:   04. July (Friday), after the concert.
– Travel costs borne by ensembles – Maximum number of ensemble members, including drivers and managers, is 30 persons, age: Young people 18 and over. If ensembles come with more than 30 members, paid organizer participation costs in the amount: 30 EUR x 4night = 120.00 EUR for each redundant member. -Arrival of groups to Kupres: to the “Hrvatski dom” Kupres (“Croatian Cultural Centre”) Kupres, Mate Bobana 3., on Wednesday, July 02th 2014th  at 15:00 – 18:00 hours, – Accommodation in local hotels
– Departure:  06. July,  2014th  (Sunday), afternoon (after lunch and exchange of gifts-16:00 or later).- The official languages at the festival: Croatian and English.

The organizer of the Festival is a public institution of culture “Croatian Cultural Centre” Kupres, City Kupres, in cooperation with the folklore and other cultural associations in the Region, and with National section CIOFF Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our adress: JU za kulturu „Hrvatski dom“ Kupres, Ul. M. Bobana 3  80 320 KUPRES,   Bosnia and Herzegovina     Tel/fax: 00387 34274048    Email: hdk.kupres@tel.net.ba                             www.kupres-kultura.org                                                                                                                        Ante Čičak, director of the Festival                                                                                                            TEL/FAX: ++387 34 274 048, town Kupres, Bosnia and Herzegovina                                                      CIOFF® Section/Bosnia and Herzegovina    Anka Raic – President                                               town Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina     GSM +387 63 319 332

CIOFF INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL “DAYS OF MOWING – KUPRES BiH 2014″ will be held from 02. – 07. July, 2014.  in Kupres, but the festival will be also held in other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The festival is included in the global CIOFF festivals calendar because it has reached and respects the standards of international folklore festivals and traditional arts, which aim is to preserve non-material cultural heritage and spread a culture of peace and trust among the people in the world. At the General CIOFF Assembly, which was held in Tahiti on 11th November 2010, the festival “Days of Mowing – KUPRES BiH” was awarded with the certificate, which officially recognized the manifestation status as “CIOFF International Festival”
This is the copy of the certificate of the international organization CIOFF (International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts), which is in formal consultative relations with UNESCO.
The festival was awarded in 2009 by the BiH Ministry of Culture with the charter for contribution to the protection of non-material cultural heritage and it was included in the Calendar of cultural manifestations of importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In addition to the folklore ansembles of BH, the festival involved five groups from abroad.
In the framework of the Festival is 200 years old event- competition of harvestmen and other traditional sports and crafts, which will be organized in the last day of the festival – Sunday, 06. July, 2014.                                                                                                                                                MAIN CULTURAL EVENTS IN THE PROGRAM 02. 07. – 06. 07. 2014.                                                  – Mowing competition, international horse races and other traditional sports – 06. 07. Sunday, Kupres field  –  4 folklore concerts, with parade of the ensembles in Kupres and three other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.                                                                                                                – Traditional crafts and presentations of some traditional crafts                                                   – Ethnographic exhibition of items from Bosnia and Herzegovina                                                – Expert meetings, analysis of the concerts and other festival
happening : Organizer of the festival, Festival Committee and artistic leaders of the ensembles, in the beginning of each festival day at 8:00 AM  – Visits to touristic, cultural and historical destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina   Media monitoring of the Festival: National TV and numerous radio stations, newspaper, Book Festival, posters, sound system and video wall on stage.   Websites: www.kupres-kultura.org, www.cioff.org,  and many other web portals and sites